Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Jimmy McBride - Stellar Quilts

I was chatting to a friend on the phone this morning about quilting and patchwork and how the "average" customer just won't pay "the real price" for a patchwork quilt. We can probably blame our marketplace which is swamped with cheaply made products from sweatshops in asia.

In my restricted state, surfing the web, I came across this Jimmy McBride who makes different kinds of quilts and isn't afraid to charge for them.

This quilt is called Phobos V2 (one of mars moons) and is hand and machine quilted. It would have taken hours and the $3,800 USD price tag reflects it's uniqueness.

via etsy

I know someone would kill for a meteorite quilt like this one ...

The M64 (The Black Eye Galaxy) is quite impressive as well! At $2,200 USD, you'll have to wait a while to take receipt of this masterpiece as it is being included in an exhibition in Norway.

via etsy

Something a bit more affordable are the space battle pillows ... aren't they cute!

via Jimmy's etsy shop

Such a different kind of quilting with so much expression. I love the combination of applique, hand quilting and machine quilting. I wish one of the Australian Quilt Exhibitions would bring his work out here for us to look at.

Jimmy has an etsy shop StellarQuilts with lots of one off creations in it and a facinating blog that shows the process that he has used for some of his quilts.


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Anonymous said...

My sister does art quilting and finds it really hard to price her quilts.

Aside from the cost of materials and all of the work involved, she also makes a huge emotional investment in her quilts.