Thursday, 6 January 2011

City Quilts

Whilst I don't have sewing resolution list for 2011, I do have lots of ideas kicking around the place. Last week I received in the mail the copy of City Quilts by Cherri House that I won through Craft Gossip just before Christmas. I never win anything online, so I was really pleased when a friend emailed me to say that they had seen my name in lights as the winner!

If you know me, you will know that I am not much of a big pattern person. I tend not to have many patterns in my wardrobe (and lets not talk about my button phobia). Those patterns that I do wear, tend to have a connection to who I am. Needlesss to say, it didn't take me long to post-it note the City Quilts and start day dreaming about new projects.

What I love about the City Quilts book is that simple block colours are made into beautifully architectually inspired quilts. Along with a good range of quilt patterns there are also some interesting pages on designing quilts and tips and hints on finishing your quilt.

There are some lovely symetrical quilts but my favourite is the "City Shops" Barcode Quilt, and I know who I am going to make it for ... I can imagine actually quilting the barcode that was the inspiration into the back of the quilt as a point of interest.

This "City Play" quilt is quite lovely and I can see using patterns in the middle of each of these blocks for a nice slick i-spy quilt. After flipping through this book I am almost inspired to spend a day in lovely Melbourne photographing buildings to make my own Melbourne inspired City Quilt.

Check out Cherri Houses' blog, it tracks her journey from maker to designer and finally publisher. Also keep an eye on the Craft Gossip web site, especially their giveways section (where you can both enter and also submit your own craft give aways).

If you want to purchase a copy of this book, support the Australian book industry and buy online from an Australian bookstore Fishpond or Boomerang Books.

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