Friday, 10 June 2011

Hottie Challenge Inspiration

I've been bouncing around ideas in my head for the Hottie Challenge and wanted to do something bold with strong colours and some embroidery. The colours that have appeared in my garden over the last few weeks is where I am taking my inspiration from.

Picture via Stan Zimney

I've been doing lots of applique lately and wanted to try Curlypops idea of using Freeze paper in my inkjet to make my applique shapes. I want my hottie to have lots of different autumn coloured leaves on it ..

Picture via Steve Greaves

I love the variations of colour from Yellow, to Orange and Red. I have a secret wish to make a quilt with these images for my living room .. I'll add that idea to the UFO pile ..

Process: Using MS Word and the Nature Bats Dingbat Font, I have a sheet of Maple leaves for my applique adventures ... What I did do differently, is change Font Style to "outline" so that I am not using up all my black ink.

I want to applique the shapes and then use perle to accentuate them, some soulful embroidery for those colder nights.

There are lots of gorgeous Hotties making an appearance in the blogosphere; I'm lovng the creativity that everyone is showing in this challenge. I'm not sure that my submission will be earth shatteringly creative.

I've been slow to start the Hottie Challenge as things have been busy in the Kaos household, with a big Furniture Tetris move underway.

Lots of shuffling and de-cluttering will hopefully result in Nicholas having his own room to scream in at night (which means he will be out of my room). But unfortunately it means that I will have to vacate my lovely sewing room .. but I will be relocating the machines to the smaller study now inhabited by computers and modelling tables.

So whilst I will end up with less room, I will end up with a new space to decorate and furnish! That has to be a positive, yes?

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Karen said...

Less room, yes, but more personal space in your bedroom, which can't have a value put on it.