Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Wedding Favours

It is amazing what you find in boxes at the back of cupboards. In an old Tunnocks Snowball box was the left overs from my wedding favours back in 1995. I had forgotten that I still had them and the chocolates were well past their due date.

In 1995, there wasn't as much flexibility with printing so we got a stamp made with our names and date to stamp the attached cards.

My grandmother in Scotland wanted to contribute so she made 100 of these little favours and in this box are left over doilies, prototypes and flowers. Of course she then came out for the wedding and we added the chocolates.

Edit: According to my Mum tonight, my grandmother made them all just weeks before the wedding AFTER she arrived in Australia. I always thought she did them in Scotland!

I am thinking that I might want to make a brooch or something from the left over doilies. Probably dye it red or black.

Any other ideas for what to do with the left over little doilies?


Jessica said...

You could always join them together and turn them into a cushion cover...

Feronia said...

What a lovely find! Dyed black would be great - I found some black doilies in an op-shop a little while ago and they look terrific.

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