Thursday, 16 August 2012

The humble Fez

I stumbled across this picture of the insatiable Will Wheaton sporting a rather funky Fez from Fez-o-rama. They have a great range of geeky products and the ability to create a custom Fez!

I've been enjoying watching Tabletop, Will Wheaton's you tube show about Tabletop games. Even though I'd rather create than play than a game, it is reminiscent of a time when I did do a lot of  role playing and game playing. Tabletop is brought to you by Geek and Sundry, which have a great collection of indie/geeky you tube programs to watch. Including my favorite, The Guild. Another great youtube program to watch is Sword and Laser which is a Science Fiction and Fantasy book club which has migrated from podcast world into you tube.

Every once in a while I get a "rush of hits" on my Fez Pattern. There is no rhyme or reason why people go looking for a Fez pattern and I am not even sure whether my pattern is useful!

Have you made a Fez from my Fez Pattern? Would you like to share the pictures?

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Dianne said...

There were quite a lot of fez's worn in Melbourne in February at the MSO Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular concert! I suspect that the 11th Dr's comment that "fez's are cool" , & the current season reruns on ABC2 may account for some of the fez popularity!