Friday, 28 December 2012

Quilter's Brain

Is your brain like this? I love the fact that "more fabric" appears more than once!

I came across this on pinterest and upon trying to find the source (there are multiple blogs showing the image but no source indicated!), I found it in a cafepress shop by Quilter Bee.

I am going to presume that it is their original image, if not please let me know! 

How do you decorate your sewing or craft space?


Karen said...

Decorate my crafting space? There isn't any room!! The walls are covered in shelves and cupboards that are packed full of fabric and crafting supplies! LOL

Unknown said...

Hi there, I am the designer of the "Quilter's Brain" and shopkeeper at and I have to say I am SO excited that my design has gone "viral!" I just happened to google "quilter's brain" the other day to make sure my shop came up in the search results and I saw my design everywhere!
I started quilting a few years ago and I'm also a graphic designer - when I get these ideas in my head I just have to create them (digitally - haha) and then share them with other quilters.
Anyway, thank you for posting the original source ( and spreading the word :)