Thursday, 27 June 2013

Come one, come all to "A night of Intrigue: Festival of Dark Culture"

It has been ages since I actually prepared for a market. Luckily, with school holidays afoot, I will have the time to prep properly for A night of Intrigue, Festival of Dark Culture. I am so excited to be having a stall at this event, my ideas book is overflowing with all the things that I want to create and sell.

So I have been busy creating brooches, necklaces and dabbling in some screen printing projects, knowing that most of the people at the festival will have similar tastes.

I've been playing with neck pieces and crystals, enjoying the serenity of working with my hands, rather than typing uni essays with my fingers.

My poor hubby has been relegated to the role of "glue boy" given that he felt that the glue that I was using wasn't good enough. He sands and then glues with a two part epoxy each item ... guaranteed never to separate! 

I am looking forward next week to having a day or two of sewing to knock up some bags, pouches and baby shoes (what I started with).

So if you are interested, then swing by A night of Intrigue Facebook page and buy your ticket, as they are selling fast. It should be a fabulous evening with lots of creative and passionate people. It doesn't matter if you are not "goth" or "steampunk", just wear black, you will blend right in!

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