Friday, 20 September 2013

My love of old cars

There hasn't been much action on the blog lately. It isn't that I don't still love blogging, it is that I have been so busy over at Instagram posting interesting pictures of old cars.

So here is my Dad's beautiful Morris Minor. He takes great pride in washing and taking care of her.

And in the Morris Garages in Moorabbin there was this Alvis sitting there getting repaired. I had never heard of an Alvis. Thorpe mentioned that it was the "poor mans" Bentley and that he rarely saw them now.

And the old Ford Falcon outside my work. Looking at it closely, it looked abandoned. Tires slightly flat, junk inside the car.

And the gorgeous, souped up Peugeot that I saw in Sydney, West End.

So come and join me over at Instagram.

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