Sunday, 8 December 2013

BMC Grand Day Out 2013

It has been far too long between car shows for me (and blog posts). So when a friend told me about the "Grand Day Out", my Dad and I decided to go. 

Oh the bliss! Just me and my camera for a few hours (no kids). The weather was great, not too hot and slightly overcast and of course the cars were wonderful. It was just a shame that neither Dad or myself were in a position to take our Morris Minors with us. But there were plenty of Morries there to swoon over!

Here is my Top 5 pics of the day.

This Austin stood grand and proud and not too many badges on the front. Paint work was lovely and the touch of yellow badge and lights nicely set off the chrome work.

Little did I know that my Dad had a thing for the Morris 8 motorcar. The things that you learn!

Took loads of pics of this Mini engine bay. The owner had lovingly chromed everything that they could and it was lovely and shiny!

I could just imagine Bond arriving in this immaculate Austin Healy ..

The original 1964 Mini Countryman. A bit different to the monstrosity that was my 2012 Mini Countryman (someone else's words not mine) . The owner had one of those suitcases with speakers in them on the back seat, not sure if it was a Jukecase, but looked like it.

150 photo's later and lots of interesting shots of the inside of cars, badges and shiny rocker covers. A good day overall.

Thank-you Victorian Mini Club for running the event and allowing me to park my "Maxi" JCW Countryman in amongst the other shiny mini's ....

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