Friday, 2 January 2015

Farewell 2014

As 2014 falls away in the background the hope that 2015 holds sparkles like a gem.

How corny is that!

For the last few years since we sold our house in Northcote, we have been in limbo. Living in rental properties, items in storage and not feeling connected with our surroundings.

Four days before Christmas we got the keys to the new house and by Christmas morning we had all the bedrooms moved in, most of the big stuff (a big thank-you to the movers at Dumbo) and a Christmas Tree constructed. Somehow in amongst the chaos, Santa found us ;-)

In the new space we can organise, hang, paint and essentially start to nest again knowing that we won't be moving for quite a few years (or even decades).

Given that I somehow managed to finish my Masters of Education (Teacher Librarianship) at the end of last year, my study (for the time being) is mostly behind me. I can concentrate on other types of writing this year. I submitted my first attempt at poetry to the Short and Twisted anthology at the end of the year.

2015 is a year of intentional focus for me. Regaining that focus in my professional life and also my crafty life. Nicholas starts at a Special Development School in February, so we are hoping that the new approach to therapy will reap rewards for us.

Moving my crafty collection, I have far too many Un-Finished Objects floating around. So completing some of these will be a priority when I get my sewing machine set up once more and I get stuck into my quilting which I miss so much.

I hope that your 2015 brings you a balance of challenges and triumphs and that you travel safe and well throughout this holiday season.


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Dianne said...

Big congrats on finishing your Masters, what an achievement! Enjoy settling into the new house and hope you get back to sewing soon. Hope all goes well with the new school year- I can't speak highly enough of the SDS I work at, I am only there one half day a week but have seen so many kids make amazing progress since starting school there.