Friday, 20 March 2015

Loving those guitar solo's with The Bluetones

When I have songs on shuffle, I often find myself listening to an album and reminiscing about how that album came to be on my system.

I am not sure where I heard "Slight Return" the first time, but it was the guitar work that eventually lead me to buy The Bluetones "Expecting to Fly" CD and the album has been a favourite ever since.

Classic Britpop, I fear that I might have also been listening to Oasis at the same time. I believe that the Bluetones album is way better than the Oasis album and the band lasted a bit longer than them!

I have no other albums by this band, I just like this one. My album collection is scattered with one off purchases like this.

"When your near my heart beats quick and faster" I love "Putting out fires", especially Adam Devlin's guitar solo. 

Great driving and singing music.

Enjoy their music courtesy of Youtube.

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