Monday, 3 August 2015

Cathedral Window Quilt

At last a tutorial which makes quilting "cathedral windows" easy!

I'm loving the Missouri Star Quilt Co youtube video's. Instruction is clear and I like the fact that she uses a larger size of blocks to show you how it works rather than using 2.5 inch blocks.

I love both the complexity and simplicity of the Cathedral block.

Similar but different was the OhFransson Clementine Quilt using appliquéd quenelles to create a faux Cathedral look. The posts are no longer on her blog, but this picture from Pinterest gives you an idea of the loveliness of her design. She would either rule up the squares or sew squares together, then cover the seams with her quenelles. This charm pack from Missouri Quilt Company would be ideal for this design.


Have you tried to make a cathedral windows quilt?

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