Friday, 13 January 2017

Celebrate the small things

It is finally 2017 and 2016 feels like a blur. Before the year starts to get busy, I want to just take the time to write out some goals.

I aim to make time to write more.  Even if it is just 15 minutes a day. It is something that I enjoy doing and I want to do more of it.

I aim to finish creative projects.  I am pretty good at starting them, but then things happen and I have to pack them up and then I have to fight for the time to finish them again. Sometimes it is all too hard to continue.

I aim to grow stronger.  Last year I made a start with a personal trainer to build my strength up. It was amazing how much difference it made to day-to-day tasks when handling Nicholas. The ability to just pick him up was liberating. Since then I have ruptured a disc in my neck and then have bruised my coccyx when I fell on it during Rollerskating.

I aim to read with more purpose. Our society reads more than any other generation with social media, but how often do we read with purpose?

I am to spend more time with my friends. Having a child with a disability can be socially isolating. It is hard to get "time out" at home when caring for him, so often I choose a quiet afternoon over socialising. Friendships suffer as a result.


Dianne said...

Hi Margaret, happy new year and good luck with your goals for 2017 - specially the last one. Making time for yourself as a parent of young children ( " me" time and time with friends) is hard enough as it is, and doubly more so when you have a child with a disability. And parental well being is generally neither understood or respected by society, unfortunately. Best wishes & kindest regards to you & your family. D

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