Saturday, 31 March 2018

Participating in Furious Fiction

Blogging was one thing that I really enjoyed at some point. I used it as a writing exercise, putting my thoughts down on paper and reflecting on things that I had made. When I was predominately at home it was an exercise that I did each morning. I’d sit Tori down in front of the TV and take my half an hour to do some blogging.

The last few years have been busy. I know that we tend to throw that term around a lot. Everyone is busy, engaged and consumed with their life. My downtime has changed from being a time when I could write and sew, to a time when I really need to veg-out and forget about the challenges that face me and my family. But I am going to try and change that around.

I’ve been trying to participate in the “Furious Fiction” challenge. I wouldn’t describe myself as a writer, but I do enjoy writing. So lets see if this monthly challenge brings back a bit more of the peace that I used to find in writing and sewing.

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Dianne said...

Life does get busy, and finding time to sew/read/ write gets harder and harder to find. Best of luck with your writing challenge!