Sunday, 30 December 2018

Top 5 picks from the 2018 Top 100 #favequilts

I am chuffed to be listed again in the top 100 quilt patterns on favequilts. But I thought I would share my top 5 picks from the selection.

1. Blue Bargello Quilt Pattern

I love the mathematical feel of this quilt pattern and you could do some interesting things by playing around with the graduation and colours.

If you love this, just check out her rainbow version of this one!

2.  Full Moon Quilt Pattern

I love this because for me it references star wars. Choose some strategic use of star wars fabric and some appliqué this quilt would be loved by every fan!

3. Four Square Free Quilting Pattern

I just love the colours and the simplicity in this quilt. For me, it reminded me of the combinations of a 2x2 pocket rubiks cube.

I loved this one because it was a sampler type quilt. There were lots of flying geese patterns but this one stood out as challenging me (I know how hard those pin wheels can be).

I just love the idea of this triangle pattern and the accents throughout the quilt. Very sophisticated. Make sure that you check out her blog. Some beautiful quilts and ideas contained within!

These honourable mentions were quilts were too good not to mention.
  • Road to Oklahoma Quilt Pattern. Loved the way in which the designer used some simple patching techniques to create a quilt that looked complex and sophisticated.
  • Strip and Flip Quilt. simple yet effective. I think that this pattern could be easily knocked up in a weekend. You could also use the idea to use up scraps by making a jelly roll length of fabric from matching colours for each graduation. 
  • Aztec Charm Pack Pattern. Similar idea to the Oklahoma Quilt Pattern, take a jelly roll or some charm packs and experiment with basic blocks.
  • Church Picnic Quilt. I love the idea of doing a cathedral window quilt, but not the hard work that is involved! 
What do you think of my choices? Do you agree? 

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