Sunday, 16 June 2019

[slow craft] Constellation Quilts

Over the last few days, pictures of the most gorgeous constellation quilts have been popping up on my feeds. It is either the Baader-Meinhof effect or something else is happening in the universe!

I have finished my Foxy Four Patch Quilt top, have pinned to the back with batting and now I am just lamenting over the type of quilt stitching it needs. Hand or machine? Abstract or linear? I am undecided. I have some weeks up my sleeve, as the baby is not due until August.

But these gorgeous quilts kept on popping up and tempting me with their complexity and fascination.

I love the detail that is in the hand quilting, as blogged about by Cashmerette Pattern blog.

It is a natural progression from Ellen Harding Baker's Solar System Quilt or Jimmy McBride's Stellar Quilts. These quilts take hours, but look at the detail in them.

If I wanted to quilt this constellation, then Haptic Lab have done most of the hard work for me, mapping the Southern Hemisphere and putting it onto a pattern for me.

Skymania has maps of the Southern Hemisphere Skies that you could easily transfer onto a pattern for quilting. You can use their tools to set a time and also invert colours so that it makes it easier to print out and copy.

I will add this idea to my "to make" pile. One day perhaps!

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