Thursday, 3 December 2009

Wet weather markets - eep!

The house is nice and quiet and the cats and I can hear the birds getting excited about the day outside. Tori has gone off to childcare in a good mood and my hubby is off to work as well. Bliss!

It is the lull before the storm!

I am off to the third of my Christmas markets tonight. Last night I spent lots of time packing up stock and making sure that things were labeled correctly and nicely ironed. And of course everything is packed into big plastic tubs ... after the experience of last Thursday night the tubs seem to work very well.

Doing a whole collection of markets in a row forces you to organise your stock differently and think differently about how you go about making your stock. Having markets where it is either very windy or rainy, forces you to yet again to think about how you transport your goods and store them during the market. A bit like packing for a camping trek, wet weather gear on top, things that need to keep dry on the bottom.

A few things that work well for me:
  • If I take my raincoat and umbrella there is a lower likelihood of using them
  • I take a tarp that I can throw over a table "just in case"
  • At the bottom of the tub I have my non-water friendly stock in plastic, just in case.
  • Allow extra time for set up ... for waiting until showers pass
  • Take a towel or two, for making things dry when they get wet (including you!)
Jay has done a great post here about outdoor markets ....

See you at the Kris Kringle Market tonight!


CurlyPops said...

Some great tips there. I'm trying to go with the less is more approach so I don't have to load and unload so much stuff.
See you tonight - I'll be praying for no rain!

Cathie said...

hope you had a good nite there Margaret, was a little windy unfortunately.