Monday, 30 November 2009

Northside Makers Market review

The weekend, in fact most of last week has been a rollercoaster for me ... Northcote Kris Kringle Market on Thursday night followed by Northside Makers Market on Saturday.

Konstant Kaos corner at Northside

I think I was burnt out before I actually got there, but we got through it and what ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger ... right?

Two Bits Patches and their model baby Emma

We had been worried sick all week about the weather. Emails flying everywhere between organisers and outside stall holders. The market was fully booked so no space to relocate everyone inside. One of the reasons why we chose the Northcote Uniting Church was for the lovely courtyard and space for outside stalls. But it does mean that we are at the mercy of the weather.

The organisers had outside stalls as well, so we fully understood the anxiety levels of the people outside. All you can be is organised ... Jay did a lovely post on the Northside Makers web site about being a girl guide if you have an outside stall. I was prepared with tarps underneath my stall and an umbrella on standby incase of a sudden downpour. But I did spend most of the day collecting stock as it flew around the courtyard. Most of it ended up getting pinned to my table cloth with safety pins, not sexy but practical!

Mecino, another brave outside stallholder

But despite the weather, people came and braved our outside/inside market. The craft table was popular again, with lots of kids getting balloons and making badges. We had a badge maker set up for kids to make their own badges for $2. Jennie had organised some pre-printed ones or you could draw your own. Kierah was our chief badge operator and she did a wonderful job.

Tori getting a Balloon from the Balloonman (as she called him)

The day wasn't as busy as the first market despite extensive marketing and a dozen press releases being sent out, but our first market was on when there was nothing else on and the weather was spectacular.

I think that there was a little bit too much on that weekend, Daylesford Makers Market, Sexpo and lots of work christmas events (food for thought for 2010). But for Konstant Kaos it was a good day, sales and orders and a chance to buy some goodies for myself from some of the other stalls.

Tori trying to smile again ...

Tori was with us for the pack up which added another level of complexity ... she had spent the day at the German Church Bazaar in Springvale, hence the German Dirndl!

I have yet another busy week ahead, Northcote Kris Kringle on Thursday night again and then the following Monday Craft Fair at Borders Carlton. Come and say "hi!".

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Jennie said...

Two days later and I'm still exhausted!