Monday, 11 April 2011

Music Monday

With a 7 week old I find myself trying all sorts of things to sooth the beast within him and put him to sleep. A few days ago I found myself with a screaming child in front of Youtube. I had given up on the tunes that I was using to sooth him, and was looking for some more ideas.

I had been meaning to look this song up on Youtube since my old 3rd Gen iPod shuffled into this album the other day in my sewing room. It takes me back to Year 12, when I first heard Clannad Past Present.

Then onto another video which took me back to the U2 Concert I attended in 1989, this was the first song that they played from the The Joshua Tree. The support band had finished they were tuning the instruments and then out of no-where the lights lit up the whole Rod Laver Arena and they started to play "Where the streets have no name". It was probably the first time I met my husband-to-be in a social setting. I still have the tour t-shirt, worn and with lots of holes. I can't bear to part with it.

Then another from one of my favourite U2 Albums, Unforgettable Fire. I love the haunting sounds of the opening sequence of this song.

Can't remember which album this one is off, but again, I love the riffs, melody and his voice.

And how can I post a bunch of U2 video's without posting this one? I guess I like the "old stuff" better than their new stuff.

As I am writing this post, Nicholas is slumped in my arms, partially asleep. Every once in a while he whimpers to let me know that he isn't quite asleep and that I have to continue watching Youtube video's ... here is one for you guys that like U2 and Ewan McGregor ..

Do you like U2? If so, which song is your favourite song??

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Lauren said...

I can't go past 'one'. Love a bit of U2!