Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tsar Rugs

Fleur Harris, Melbourne Illustrator and Designer has just had her website re-vamped, so I thought I would take another stroll through some of her posts and I came across this one.

Isn't this rug absolutely devine .. not just because I am a patcher but because it is so different.

Her post lead me to the Tsar web site and many moments of looking longingly at their groovy rugs.

So many of the rugs in their geometric range could be quilts!

I love this one because of the flash of red and orange. We have a grey lounge suite in our family space, so any of these colourful rugs would go quite nicely with it.

Have you seen any inspirational rugs lately?

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Thea said...

Yes! That top rug is gorgeous and one of the nicest ones I have seen. x