Monday, 2 January 2012

How are you getting organized for 2012

How did you organize your family in 2011? I want to know!

We had a monthly calender on the wall, our iPhone Calendars and then a weekly planning sheet that we filled out on a Sunday night. But this year the game will be changed with me going back to work part time. So on top of this, I will also have a teacher lesson planner diary.

What tools do you use to organize yourself?

Do you use something like this cute desktop calendar by Missy Minzy

Or perhaps something like this, a downloadable planner and diary from

Comment and tell me how you are getting organized for 2012 ... please!

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Anonymous said...

We have a bit of a "system" that at times seems labourious but it gets us through. Hubby and I use our computer calendars but rarely share calendar items - it causes problems with his work calendar with "busy items" (technology fail).

We use a wall calendar in the kitchen for sharing (so this is mostly week night and weekend stuff) and find it gives us a fast overview of the month - works well when you are on the phone too. A bit of double handling to the computers but worth it.

When I worked part-time I had a seperate diary for that and I felt like I was forever updating and cross checking calendars so I stopped maintaining manual ones so much and went with my ipod and syncing.

I do miss having a nice manual diary - it use to be a ritual to buy a new one each year *sigh*.

Good luck for organising your year - sounds like a lot to be juggling.