Saturday, 14 January 2012

Why I haven't been on twitter lately

I can't believe that in one month my little boy will be turning 1.

Since we got back from Sleep School, he has gone from strength to strength. We are now crawling and cruising and clearly saying Dadda. We are giggling and doing "happy dances". He wants to stand everywhere which makes bath times fun! His crawling speed is now quite fast, so you need to make sure that everything is out of reach, including cat food!

He has just started Childcare and I can't believe how easy he has settled in. My daughter had separation anxiety most mornings when I dropped her off, but Nicholas just crawls off into the distance and doesn't look back. When I pick him up he looks up, smiles at me and then goes back to what he was doing. I finally feel that the universe has given me a "break", 2012 is going to be a good year.

I am gearing up to go back to work. I start prep work next week and then we are back the week after on the 25th January. I am hoping to set up my desk next week and have my first week of lessons sorted and the unit timelines done.

As for crafty stuff, I have been busy de-stashing via Pin, Cut, Sew etsy shop where I will be putting fabric and patterns for sale. I have also re-opened Konstant Kaos etsy shop and I am busy taking pictures of my stock for that shop as well. The chances of me doing markets this year is quite remote, but I still want to create and sell.

If you have a minute please "befriend" both Pin, Cut, Sew on Facebook and also Konstant Kaos on Facebook and share the link with your friends.

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