Sunday, 15 July 2012

Are craft retreats the new black?

What I would give for a weekend away, and the prospect of enjoying that weekend with girlfriends and sewing machines makes me giddy (plus a little Colin Firth). There hasn't been a lot going on in terms of crafty stuff at my place. I did do a spot of crochet last night while watching "The Sound of Music" with my daughter, but I yearn for the opportunity to make myself some clothes or finish at least one of the quilts that I am making for my kids. To totally immerse myself in the crafty zone.

Curlypops blogged about a new craft retreat at Woodend, and I hope that I get a chance soon to enjoy this lovely venue because Cam has also posted pictures of what it looks like (which makes me want to book a weekend NOW!). They have an open day this weekend so that people can go up an check out the venue.

Head on over to "The Retreat Woodend" homepage to see what it is all about and blog about it to be in the running for a free weekend.

Tomorrow heralds the start of Term 3 for me which means back to teaching and back to Uni (part time). The school break didn't give me half a chance of achieving my crafty equilibrium. Still fighting to find a crafty balance in my life, I guess I will just have to take some hand stitching or crochet to work during the lunch breaks.

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Unknown said...

Love the idea of a crafty retreat! If you organise one at Woodend, let me know :)