Sunday, 22 July 2012

Barbie Tote

It has been a while in between projects, but the other night Tori and I decided to make something for her friend Hannah who was turning 5 this week.

We had got her a doll for her birthday and Tori wanted a bag for the doll. So having previously lusted over the Nicole Mallalieu Craft Tote in Homespun 13.06, I decided to take a look at the project and adjust it so that it would fit a few dolls with pockets for clothes.

Nicole's instructions, as usual, were wonderful. Lots of detailed and tips and hints on how to do things better. But I did have my challenges, having a seriously fractured foot in a support "boot", and having to use my left leg to operate the sewing machine. Tori picked out the fabric for a bit of stash busting on the front. I sewed together a length of patching and then cut out the shapes for the zipped panel.

I only had black zips on hand, but I think that it makes it easier for a kid to see ... I didn't add in rings on the lid of the box, just a big handle that can go over someone's arm.


As you can see, Belle fits beautifully inside the "Barbie Coffin" (as a friend coined it on Facebook) and the pockets around the outside can be used for clothes.

My next task is to make one for Tori for her Barbies. I will probably put in the lid pocket that Nicole includes in her tutorial  in clear PVC for shoes and tiaras (as you do).

You can get a hold of the pattern by purchasing it through Zinio for $3.50 electronically and the pattern pieces can be downloaded here. I love the physical magazines, but I just done't have room for them. Electronic ones are good to bookmark and print off the pages that you want to work with for the projects you are doing.

How do you get your craft magazines? Physically from a newsagent, subscription or do you use Zinio as well?

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