Thursday, 3 January 2013

Embracing 2013 with a new kitten

I have moved through 2012 so fast last year, I have hardly had time to catch my breath.

I look forward to connecting with myself in again in 2013. I've been re-thinking the direction of Konstant Kaos and what I want to achieve in this space and I have lots of exciting ideas.

2013 will be a year of stability for the family. Nicholas is starting to talk a lot better since his ear operation and since we removed his dummy a week ago, he has vocalisation has started to develop a lot more.

The arrival of another furry freeloader "Mishka" into our household has brought out behaviours in my 2 year old that I could not anticipate. So here are some cute kitten pictures to make you smile, a very vocal and adventurous 14 week old female Russian Blue.

The quintessential Russian Blue picture ...

Gazing into the distance

Rolling around on the carpet, sun-seeking. She is an Obanya Russian Blue, re-housed from a couple who got her two weeks ago but needed to find a home for her quickly because of changing personal circumstances.

Both Vladamir and Natasha are keeping her in check. Vladdy doesn't really care much about another cat, but Natasha is hell bent on showing her who "top cat" is.

We didn't end 2012 wanting another cat, but I saw the add on gumtree and felt that the family (and Nicholas) would benefit.

Happy New Year!!!


Twinsane Mum said...

She is beautiful!

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Oh what a lovely puddy tat. How lucky are you?