Friday, 5 April 2013

My creative space: Morris Minor

I have three quilts waiting to be finished and when I finished my last uni essay two days ago ... all I wanted to do was play with illustrator!

I figured I didn't have enough UFO's hanging about, I'd best create some more. I grabbed the hold of an image of my Morris Minor 1000 and thought I would "poppify" it ..

I might get this printed up onto fabric to make some cushions ...Actually there is method in the madness .. I am putting together some pillows for our school library calm reading space. We obtained a lichtenstein inspired rug and picture, and so I wanted to do some pillows with quirky library phrases on them like " Happiness is a cup of tea and a good book".


I have taken a picture of one of the hold Headmistresses and have "popified her". I am still not happy with "Dot", the pink and orange doens't seem to work ... what do you think she might be saying?

How are you being creative this week? Join in and see what everyone else is doing!

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