Friday, 12 April 2013

Tate Modern Lichtenstein merchandise

I ordered some bits and bobs from the Tate Modern in London about a week ago and I was truly excited to have it arrive yesterday!

I got the T-shirt, isn't it cute!

The pillows were rather gorgeous as well, but I can't help feeling that they needed a bit of a border, whether it be a black or white sash. Some of the edge of the artwork is lost in the shape of the pillow.

I am working on some pillows for my school library calm reading space. 

My first attempt reminded me too much like Dame Edna, although people seem to like the purple colour scheme. My first attempt using online tutorials on how to "pop" photo's.  This picture took me HOURS .. subsequent attempts at "popping people" have only taken 30-40 minutes.

Dorothy with a bit more refinement below) ... I need to go back and do her hair and make her a bit more funky, change her clothes. I can imagine captions that will be based around reading and being quiet in the calm reading space.

Can you think of any other captions I can use?

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