Sunday, 26 May 2013

How did they make that .. Hollywood Costume Exhibition

One of my gorgeous costuming friends organised an outing for us all to see the Hollywood Costume exhibition at ACMI this morning.

By organise I mean she told us that we needed to be in a particular place at a particular time. That works for me at the moment. The prospect of even a few hours without the kids in the presence of women of like minds, was like heaven. I bought the ticket a while back as I knew that if I didn't have it, I wouldn't go due to pending University due dates and school work.

My last essay for EER500 is due in at some point tonight (which of course is why I am blogging right now). The exhibition was a welcomed break from a rather intense weekend. 

If you do happen to go along and see the exhibition, don't go with costuming friends. We spent ages at each costume. How do you think they did that? Oh look, that bit is fake? I wonder why they did it that way? That isn't period ... and so on! It was great to have grown up conversations about grown up things!

My only criticism of the exhibition, is that on the exhibition information plates at each costume should have outlined what techniques were used. It would have complimented the materials listing. There were a few mistakes where the costume clearly didn't match the picture behind it, but overall the exhibition was worthwhile.

Incidentally, my gorgeous hubby had unknowingly bought me the exhibition book for Christmas (from V&A bookshop). So I had already had a drool over the exhibition without knowing it!

I will probably be going back to see it again before it closes, but next time with Tori so that she can see "those red shoes".

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