Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sign for the Library

My creative exploits of late have been to do with the school library that I am working part time in. I've been playing around with Illustrator today rather than catching up on correction, designing a much needed sign for the fiction section of the Senior Library.

I started with the random.ttf font that I found online and then customised about half of the letters. Adding blood splatters, crowns and the dragon that my daughter helped me with.

I can imagine it being transfered onto canvas with the matisse gel medium to get a nice solid sign, or even onto blocks of wood that have been primed. But I only have time to print and laminate (if that !).

If you want a copy, you can download from slideshare if you want to take a look, else you can read about what I am doing with my library degree on my infowhelm (A journey into teacher librarianship) blog.