Sunday, 21 July 2013

A new toy that John Cooper would be proud of

I've gotten myself a new toy, tentatively dubbed the "Kaos Mobile", my little JCW Mini is such a joy to drive at the moment. A heavier car than the Corolla that I had before, more power and of course she is manual (who would want to drive a Mini with an auto transmission?).

It is such a gorgeous morning here in Melbourne, bloody cold, but gorgeous. Tempted to take to the hills with the Kaos car and my DSLR ...

What are you up to today?


nicole said...

Oh swoon!
My jealousy knows no bounds! I've wanted a mini for as long as I remember ha ha! Pity my 6'2" tall partner wouldn't fit!!
Enjoy! And definitely, a trip to the hills is a fab idea!

Dianne said...

Very cool mini! My friends & work colleagues think I am made to drive a manual just cannot understand that I dislike automatics. My first car was Mum's old Morris 1100 - made in the same place as minis!