Monday, 12 August 2013

Five things that I love about my Mini Countryman

It was inevitable that I would do this post at some point. It is coming up to four weeks since we took delivery of  my Mini Countryman and I am still gushing and swooning every time I drive her!

Such an enjoyable car to drive and zip around town in. Steering is nice and heavy and she is a manual. Why would you get a Mini as an automatic?

1. Alloys

I love a good set of alloys, it can either make or break a car. I also love that you can see through them and see the red brake calipers *Squee!*

2. Heated Seats

Heated seats are a luxury that I had never even thought of until I took her for a test drive. But after a day on my feet in the Library, a heated seat is better than a heat pack to ease the pain. Also rather nice on those cold mornings in Melbourne.

3. Badges

The branding on this car is quite prominent. The large badge on the front, the one on the back (that converts into a handle for opening the boot). I love the simplicity of the design and the fact that they have refined the old one into something nice and slick.

4. Colour scheme

Black and Red are my colours, very Konstant Kaos! I thought that the red stripes would be a bit garish, but I quite like the fact that the car isn't vanilla. The black shell hides the plastic rims quite nicely (which I don't particularly like).

5. Size

The fact that it is a 4 door and I can fit both kids in the back comfortably. Reality is that I am a Mum and it is easier with a four door. The target market for Mini seems to be young "fun" childless people, but I am seeing more and more of these on the road with kids in the back.

Visibility out the back is still quite good, just watch for those extra high child seats that you can buy. We did remove the head rest from the back to make sure that I had enough visibility.  The little side windows at the back make it a bit easier as well.

MC sits higher on the road than the Corolla did (previous car) and the AWD makes her a dream to drive, especially in the wet. The true test of size will be in a few weeks when I load her up to do the Mulgrave Makers Market on the 25th August. But I have managed to fit a whole load of shopping into the back of her with ease.

I guess when I am driving her around, I am thinking more Morris than Mini, the sound and handling all remind me of my 1962 Morris Minor and given that I can't buy a new MM1000, the MC R60 will have to do.

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