Monday, 11 August 2014

Laundry room inspiration from subway

Our new laundry space in the new house is based on the idea that it has to work in-sync with the walk through pantry and kitchen space. At night it will be a safe haven for the cats to sleep, but during the day it will be a walk through space.

It is quite a compact laundry space and we have purposefully not included a space for a "tumble dryer". Upstairs there will be a drying closet for when we need to dry clothes inside. Not as fast as a tumble dryer but certainly better for the environment. The broom cupboard is twice the depth as the cupboards, capitalising on some negative space that was going to go to waste.

The flooring is black and white vinyl (easy to clean) and the tile splash back is done with white rectangle tiles in a subway style with dark grey grout. Cupboards are white with simple handles.

But I wanted to add some character to this small overlooked room.

The thought is to stencil some "do not spit" signs onto the subway tiles in an emerald green, picking up on the green outside the laundry door.

This is a picture (below) that I took at our own Flinders Street station, the subway leading into Campbell Arcade.

Alternatively, I could count my penny's and purchase a bit of history for only $450 US!

Or perhaps this one for the laundry

What do you think?

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