Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Waiting ...

Now that I have all my Uni work finished, the waiting is the hardest part to see if I will graduate in December.

If you care to browse, head on over to Infowhelm, where I have documented my learning over the last 3 years or so.

[source -  youtube]

I much prefer the "Pack up the Plantation" version of this song, one of my favourite live albums. 

Tom Petty, one of the greatest songwriters and I was in Year 9 when I saw him live along with Bob Dylan at Kooyong in Melbourne. For days I listened to EON-FM and rang in to get free tickets so that my Dad could see Bob Dylan in concert. I think that I was the youngest in the audience. Bob Dylan doesn't do much for me, but the "Pack up the Plantation" album has stayed with me and is one of my secret indulgences when I am driving and it is one of those albums where you HAVE to listen to it in order.

Now that I have my Masters work out of the way .. bring on the crafty goodness...

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