Thursday, 2 October 2014

5 things to make your campsite glam

We are in training for a large camping trip next year at some point, so we spent the weekend in Echuca to test our organisational and survival skills. We had the tent, the ice box, the industrial 4WD strength matress for a good nights sleep.

But chatting around the campfire at night, a question was formed in our minds "What would Candice de Ville do?". Candice being our modern day retro style icon. If you haven't visited her site, Vintage Current, pop along and check out all the tips hints and ideas for making your life more retro-stylish.

1. Stylish headpieces

One morning in the campsite when our hair was everywhere, we commented that Candice would have a do rag or turban on her head. She would make sure that she was composed and stylish as she stepped out of the tent at 5.30 in the morning.

If you are interested in learning how to do a headscarf property, Candice has a tutorial on youtube!

2. Retro inspired cutlery

As we camped in a group, the discussion of cutlery came up. It was easier to distinguish which cutlery belonged with if they were colour matched or they had electrical tape or nail polish on the handles signifying which set they came from. But who says that cutlery has to be boring? Check out this lovely set from Lark.

3. Eat in style

Candice would eat in style. Rather than grazing, which is what you tend to do when camping. Eating while standing or putting things away. Why not dress your table and make your meals a little more civilised!

There are modern day versions of this that are waterproof. Ikea has plastic coated fabric that is still quite stylish and retro.

4. Time for tea! 

It is important when glamping to make sure that you remember afternoon tea. This melamine tea set is rather lovely.

I'm loving this orange enamel tea set. Boil your water up, steep your tea leaves.

We had an Air Pot set up for hot water which came in handy for either washing hands or a cup of tea without boiling a billy.

5. Bunting

This idea probably takes things a bit too far, but bunting can be used to define a camp space or where tent lines are. Given that most tents are quite natural in colours, a bit of colour won't hurt? Will it? I would look for the extra long outdoor bunting, rather than the baby nursery bunting as it needs to survive rain and wind!  Take some cable ties along to secure your bunting as well.

Oilcloth bunting by Billy Bobbin.

I could keep going! What about retro wellington boots? The plastic martini set? The ideas are endless!

I hope you enjoy my picks!

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Dianne said...

Great ideas! Oilcloth bunting, duh! makes perfect sense but I never would have thought of it! Other great glam camping ideas in Kate Ulman's book "Vantastic" . I have an article in a UK craft mag somewhere about an amazing restored mini camper, full or retro glam - will try & find it for you.