Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The passing of Vladamir

I am absolutely shattered at the passing of Vladamir last Friday (29th June, 2018).

After battling kidney issues for 6 weeks, it was time to say goodbye. My beautiful boy had deteriorated to the point where he was skin and bones and he was having difficulty swallowing.

But for the eight years that we had him, we had the best time. He was the most gentle of cats. Befriending anyone who arrived at our place, he loved to jump up on laps and make people feel very special.

He was so patient as well, especially with our special needs boy Nicholas. He could pull his tail, lift him up, throw him and he would still be gentle with him.

He was a rose between two thorns, our girl cats and he will very much be missed by all. 

He is probably running around up there with Boris and Anastasia and having a grand old time.

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