Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Covid19 Fabric Masks

I've been busy making fabric masks for friends and family.

It has been interesting few weeks, pulling the Konstant Kaos materials out of their hiding spaces and using beautiful fabrics that I have been hoarding for many years.

There are lots of mask patterns, but I have gone for the two piece "streamlined" masks with an inner lining and pocked for a filter.

Each time I make a batch I change a little thing, refining the pattern a little bit more or the process.

I tend to make a stack of "insides" and then a stack of outsides and then have one evening where I put them all together.

The process has made me itchy to start making the beautiful bags and fabric pouches that I used to love making. I love working with the fabric and creating a smart looking end product, with of course my branding on it.

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