Sunday, 25 July 2010

Craft and Quilt Fair

I agree with one of my friends, that going to a craft fair is more enjoyable when you with a group of friends. You get to explore, mock and enjoy the experience more. We hit the fair early, did a circuit together and then split off for an hour (but of course kept on bumping into each other). In the afternoon we went back to my place to continue crafting with some of our stash.

My only task was to collect a few purple/black fat quarters for a quilt that I can't seem to finish. But I found myself a few gorgeous items.

I found the most gorgeous counted cross stitch kit. Now, I am a cross stitch virgin .. so I spent some time tonight with my Mother in Law going through the basics and completing a line of stitching to make sure that I have the tension and technique right. I love this image and it will look great in our Library room, but it might take me a while to complete.

I also spent too much time adding to my stash. The Kelani stand was the most dangerous. I order from these guys online, so I know what range they have. I indulged in some Kristen Doran prints and a Co Co Chi Japanese print that were in their bargain bins.

I love her Robot print, not sure what I will do with it yet, but definitely something for Tori. She has robots all over her bedroom walls.


Clair said...

I love that robot print too!

Karen said...

I was going to get that cross stitch for a friend. Saw it on the wall, but then couldn't find the kit to find out how much it was...

I should get around to doing my craft show post ;)

Karen said...

I absolutely adore that library cat print! Michael's aunt gave us a mat (for Doughnut) and I have absconded it into our does sit on the floor in case Doughnut wants to sit and have a read but it certainly does suit a library ;o) I suck at cross stitch so good luck with such a beautiful'll be gorgeous when you get it finished :o)