Friday, 24 September 2010

My not so crafty week

The first week of the non-teaching break has been filled with working on a text book for next year's new Year 12 ITA course. We are a bit late in the year to be finishing drafts, but that is the way it is.

We have first page proofs through of the text book and changes need to be made because the actual writing was finished BEFORE the finished Study Design was released to teachers. So lots of refining, redefining and reshuffling is occuring to make sure that things line up, sound good and are accurate.

The good news is that once this is one, the second page proofs shouldn't need much editing at all.

In between doing edits I dipped my toes into the crafty world and I have ordered some yummy Moda Origin's charm packs which should arrive next week some time, a timely reminder to get on with my sewing projects. I just love the colour combination of this charm pack.

Once I get the charm packs through I will have to remember to order a few yards of matching fabric for the back and sashing ... hmm can't wait to work with these colours!

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