Monday, 13 September 2010

My Green Room

Melbourne is dragging herself kicking and screaming out of winter.

In between a few lovely days of sunshine there is 4 or 5 days of overcast weather that threatens rain. Our water storage's are fuller than they have been in the last 10 years and for the first time restrictions on watering our gardens have been lifted.

I normally love to pick my daffodils, but I just can't bring myself to cutting them from my garden. They stand proud, encouraging the other bulbs to hurry up and show themselves. The great thing about our garden is that the design cleverly hides all those weeds that really need to be pulled.

I was rather excited to notice that my fresia's have bloomed. I will definately be picking these as they smell so good inside the house.

Of course with sunny days comes the opportunity to open my front door and let our inside cats pick up on the spring smells.

Vladamir taking full advantage of this activity, probably lamenting over his incarsination since he came to stay with us earlier in the year.

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Karen said...

My fresias are starting to flower as well, but they seem to fall over and look rather sad. Perhaps I will cut then as soon as they do flower and bring then inside.

My daffodils are looking pretty too. I have about three different types that all flower at different times so just as one lot are fading the next lot are coming into full bloom. I don't have as many as close together as you, but I guess if I leave them there in a few years they'll be crowded!