Sunday, 9 January 2011

Camera Club February

A few years back we joined the Eastern Suburbs Photographic Society along with a bunch of arty friends. I was on maternity leave and once a month it was an escape on a Wednesday night to have dinner wtih friends and inbetween it was a creative focus for me.

Andreas and I are joining again this year. We get the most out of our DSLR and there is the challenge in pushing yourself creatively. When you take pictures for competition, you tend to take them differently and frame them differently.

The first topic for the year in February is "Your place" so I have been taking pictures around my house. I still haven't finished manipulating the images yet, but Andreas pointed out something funny about one of my images of our humble ceiling fan.

If you zoom in on the image of the ceiling fan in our back room you can see in the centre of the image there is a small snap shot of our back room.

I need to give the fan a good clean and shine, and then try again!

If you look closely you can see me standing there with the camera looking up and how untidy our back room is at the moment. I might take this one again with a tripod and zoom lense, as I think that this idea could actually work!


Kis said...

Ooh! Love it.

Finki said...

What a good idea, soo clever. I've been telling ty he should try find a photo club in the north, I agree it challenges you to think outside the box a little.