Thursday, 27 January 2011

My creative space ...

I wanted to do an uplifting post using this image (below), which show the blocks I have finished so far for my Monochromatic Sampler Quilt. As you can see I have changed my design a little and the blocks are starting to take shape quite nicely. As I complete blocks I pin them to my bookcase so I can see them all together.

But the reality is that I have spent the last two days on these (below), having discovered that I had not one but two infected teeth in my mouth which resulted in a marathon 1 1/2 hours of dental surgery today to remove the infection and plug them back up again.

The pain was so intense that I ended up at the Royal Women's last night for three hours for pain relief (morphine) and they monitored the baby to make sure that there was no side effects from what they gave me. I managed to get into my dentist today and hopefully in a few days time the swelling will have gone down and I can enjoy the last few days or week of my pregnancy!

I think that a double root canal should be on every new Mum's "to do" list as they are approaching the 39 week mark .. don't you?

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Emily said...

Ow! Hope you are feeling much better soon!

Finki said...

Oh Nooo, you poor thing, dentist's suck at any time let alone at the 39 week mark. Here's hoping your last week of waiting is stress free, now that the toothy problem is all fixed. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, the tooth thing sounds horrid. Hope the infection is short lived. Great work so far on the sampler. Looking forward to seeing it progress, especially on the spiral/snail one. :)