Saturday, 15 January 2011

Tidy the Sewing Room

I've got 25 days to go on my gestational adventure and although I have a pile of sewing to do, the deal is that I don't do it until I have my sewing room tidy.

So I have been busy folding, sorting, ironing and labeling things in my sewing room to make it more functional again. Not so easy when you are 8+ months pregnant. I'm doing it a bit at a time, a CD at a time. Then I sit down rest, and get back up again for another CD worth of cleaning.

via Martha

I'm never going to have a Martha Stewart craft room with co-ordinated bookcases in white and avocado. The bookcases I use are reclaimed from another room when it was decorated. I've sorted my fabric into fat quarters, metres and if the fabric is too large, it is in a plastic tub under my sewing desk. There is method to my madness I am sure.

Once finished I have a few things I'd like to make before the baby is due. Added to the list today are some of the lovely items in this months Australian Homespun, as blogged by Bloom.

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polly pratt said...

I wish mine was like Martha`s goodluck with the tidy up . I`m off to my studio soon to do a huge clean and organize.

I`m working in the shop a couple of days this week if you are free for a quick quilting session.