Monday, 12 December 2011

All aboard the Gosling Train ..

I'm a bit slow at the moment. I finally got around to seeing Crazy, Stupid, Love and have discovered Ryan Gosling. The movie was quite enjoyable and Steve Carell did a wonderful job as the middle aged father going through a divorce. I am not a large fan of Julianne Moore, but she did an alright job of the role.

After mentioning that I had discovered Gosling, a friend posted this site, Handmade Ryan Gosling, to Facebook. So for your enjoyment (and mine)...



I can imagine Ryan saying .. "Hey Girl, let me sort those fabric scraps into colour groups for you". Or, "Hey Girl, Order as many Jelly Rolls as you want, I will still love you .."

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madenthornbury said...

LOVE this !
Hope you are enjoying the pre-Christmas festivities.