Friday, 5 October 2012

Are you thinking of Christmas yet?

I was astounded to see Christmas things in the shops in September. I generally don't start thinking of Christmas until after the Melbourne Cup, which occurs in the first week of November. I haven't even started to think about Christmas craft, but found myself checking out what new Ikea fabrics are available.

Ikea Margareta fabric

This textile print stood out as being an opportunity to do something creative for Christmas. I could imagine that this could be turned into a nice advent calendar wall hanging with a bit of applique. Using my swish paint skills, here is a mock up of what I am thinking of.

Sashing either side with Christmas fabric and create a hanging sleeve at the back of the quilt. "Merry Christmas" can be easily done with Curlypops Applique Tutorial. Attach  applique baubles onto the tree and use them to create an advent calendar, here are some ideas for how you might do this. For added festivities, you could also applique presents at the bottom of the tree. I found a few sites that might be used as inspiration for appliques to enhance the tree.

Ahh if only I had a few more hours in each day!

While you are at Ikea, pick up a pair of their Pinking Shears, at $10AUD, they are the best value Pinking Shears I have found!

What is on your Christmas Craft list?

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