Thursday, 11 October 2012

Do you love Russian Blue cats?

Back in March I uploaded one of my favourite Russian Blue photo's to Soceity6 and created an iPhone cover for myself. The picture was taken looking out of our front door at Nash Street and all three cats were just soaking up the sun. I have an enlarged version hanging in the hall way at home. Tasha had just finished washing Anastasia and Vladdy was doing a nice big stretch. Looking at the picture always brings a nice smile to my face, which is why I guess I used it!


I must admit that it has worn rather well. It is only now, that it is starting to chip at the edges and I am generally a hard user of technology. The phone cover was printed and delivered quite quickly and I was impressed with the quality of it. I am tempted to upload some more of my gorgeous photo's to this site to see if anyone is interested in my work.

What do you think, should I?

The hubby's iPhone cover is dying a slow death, so it is time again to turn my crafty energies  to re-designing a phone cover for him. Something steampunk I think ..

If you want to buy a copy of the Three Amigos iPhone cover, Society6 have free shipping (  until the 14th of October.

If black and white is not your thing and you like something more colourful, the wonderful Ms Curlypops has some fabulous designs in her shop a well. Check out her Facebook post with the free shipping token.

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