Wednesday, 30 September 2009

My green room

I don't get out into my garden as much as I should, but we have been starting to prepare the front yard for the planting of pumpkin seedlings in November. The pumpkin normally goes nuts in the front yard and covers the whole yard with pumpkin vines and leaves, it keeps the rest of the plants alive during the hot months and we generally get about 20+ pumpkins for salads throughout summer.

Our garden is designed to hide weeds, you can only see them if you look close! We have little meandering paths of slate throughout the garden from north to south and a formal path from east to west.

Our cherry blossom flower around Tori's birthday *smiles* we have three in our garden two out the front and one out the back.

Lots of ground covers rather than lawn ... I nabbed this yellow flower cutting from my inlaws garden, popped it in the ground and voila! It grew!

We moved one of our cherry blossoms a few months back, she is just flowering now. She suffered last year ... so we are in a more shady position out the back this year and hopefully the summer won't be so harsh to her.

My aquilegia seemed to survive the winter and is about to flower. I love these as they remind me of Mimbari space ships ...

The bees love the lavender, but because it is near the front door we might have to move or even remove the lavender bushes.

My old roses tower over my iris patch that needs to be dug up and divided. The irises have really taken to this part of the garden.

That is my green room ... I look onto this garden from my creative space! You can see the Konstant Kaos sign in the window above. We have ordered a security door from overwrought in Daylesford, when this arrives we will probably live with the front door open and a breeze going through the house. Two indoor cats does restrict you a bit if you don't have a security door.


Unknown said...

I miss having a garden! My mother's garden has all those things and then some, but my little unit here doesn't really have much garden space. Although happily my nextdoor neighbour has a love affair with succulents and when he ran out of room for them, I very magnanimously (!) allowed him to start placing potted succulents around my front verandah ...

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

Thanks for the garden photos. We don't have town water, only tank water, so our garden reality doesn't quite match the virtual garden in my imagination.

Nikki said...

What gorgeousness - so much colour and it all looks so droughtproof! I lost heart last summer when my garden was air-dried in the hot wind.

Unknown said...

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