Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The wheels on the train ...

I have been quite industrious today, sewing away making some basic stock items for Made n Thornbury this afternoon after I got home from my teaching "day" job. On a Tuesday I am home at lunchtime (well, around 2ish) and then I get a few hours of sewing done before picking my husband up from work and then driving to my inlaws to have dinner with my daughter. A long day.

My list of "things to make for a market if I have time" is always quite long and I try and stock up on things that I think people might buy based on sales of the last few markets.

This Sunday of course, is Fathers Day. So I have tried to have my "manly hat" on while sewing. Trains seem to be the order of the day for my husband at the moment, so I thought I would knock up a few things using some realistic train fabric that I picked up a few weeks back. Would you buy this for your Dad if you were a kid?

I try to re-stock the things that sold at the last market and introduce at least one new item. I made a prototype for my "new" item this afternoon, there is still a bit of work to go, making sure the measurements are right and that it sits right ... all will be revealed.

These pencil cases seem to be a hit amongst little people. Their little hands can grab a hold of the cord and pull it shut or open. I only have limited supply of this fabric, so once these are sold on the weekend that will probably be it!

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CurlyPops said...

That train fabric is really cute. I think the kiddies will love it!