Friday, 18 September 2009

Tori turns 2

It has been an amazingly busy week. The last week of school term for my classes, busy processing Northside Makers memberships and Market stall applications and also Tori turned 2!

I still can't believe that my little girl, my baby, turned two this week. What a ride is has been.

We had a gorgeous dinner with middle eastern influences for dinner that my lovely husband cooked. At our family dinner we had the grandparents, Tori's godmother and Tim. My brother rang from Japan and it was a casual evening with lots of laughs.

Tori's Oma made her a frog cake for her birthday. The black outlines were done in licorice with green icing and a custard filling ... yum.

For her birthday we bought her some Totoro merchandise and some Play Doh cutters to go with her Play Doh afternoon that she will have on Sunday with a few of her close friends.

I love the magic that Totoro brings her, she loves to look in the trees for Totoro and whenever it is windy, it is him making the wind. We are hoping that one day we will get over to Japan to visit the Totoro Forest (Sayama Hills Forest on the outskirts of Tokyo). There is a save Totoro Fund initiative and also the Art of Totoro book which was auctioned off last year. I believe they are doing a re-print of the books next year to raise more money.


Cathie said...

happy birthday to your gorgeous girl! hope she has a fantastic play-do party ♥

Suze said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! We love Totoro too!

Essbie said...

What a gorgeous looking kid.
I thought 2 years old was the best!

lyptis said...

Cute kid!
The cake sounds nice and Totoro is cute, i like the japanese design.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday little one !