Tuesday, 8 June 2010


We have had Vladamir for about a month now, we got the reminder in the mail for his 1 month shots. And he seems to be settling in quite nicely.

The reason why we wanted to get a male cat was because the two females were fighting a bit too much. Actually, it was Natasha (2 years) who wanted to play fight with Anastasia (15 years). Anastasia has a bit of arthritis so she doesn't really want to do the whole rough and tumble kitten stuff.

But since Vlad has arrived, Natasha and Vlad play fight up and down the hall and Ana has a sigh of relief! Vlad still doesn't have full reign of the house. He sleeps in the laundry and spends time throughout the day in the laundry when things are getting a bit "zoo" like or he had decided to mark his territory.

But overall, they are all getting along quite fine. Vlad is a typical male Russian Blue with lots of purrs to go around and he is very very placid. Tori will go upto him and give him a hug and he isn't phased by that at all.


quiltmom anna said...

Vladamir is a handsome cat- such a pretty color- I am sure he keeps your household a happening place.
We have a cat and a dog and they can be pretty entertaining...
Have a great week,

flickettysplits said...

Congratulations on your new pussin! Vlad is very handsome. He looks much more masculine than my Russian, Podae - Podae is a bit like a ballerina somehow, don't you think? I keep trying to talk My One True Love into getting another Russian because they are sooooooo affectionate .... I'll keep trying .....