Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dirndl: Finished Product

In a marathon effort of sewing, gathering and pressing, we managed to get the Dirndl finished for the German Church Bazaar today. I had Andreas unpicking mistakes and turning out sashes. If I ever make these for my online shop, I will not go with a construction that has so much hand stitching.

There was face painters there and a bouncing castle for the kids that Victoria just loved. This is by far my favourite photo of the day. Victoria was adament that she wanted "donuts" in her hair .. but not the ones you can eat.

She also caught up with one of her friends, Hannah, and they had a ball running around for a while and dancing to the piano accordian band that was playing.

What did I end up making?
  • Essentially a black linen pinafore (pre-washed and embroidered) with red homespun lining. Invisable zip up the back. I played around a lot with the colours of the embroidery and on my husbands advice went for the colour combination that had white in it. Looks good on it's own, but it is all the white garments that makes it look "germanic".
  • Cotton Poplin blouse with puffy sleeves and lace edging. No elastic to disintegrate, I gathered up the sleeves with some twill tape. Snaps down the back for ease of construction (thanks hubby for doing this).
  • Petticoat (which will be unstitched and re-done) with about3 metres of lace on the bottom. I think the petticoat can be fuller.
  • Apron, with ties that were the width of the yardage. I was happy with this decision as it allowed me to wrap it around her so that it stayed in position despite the frantic running around that happened.

At about 1pm the skies opened up and the Bazaar reluctantly ground to a halt. Tori had great fun splashing in all the puddles with the over sized umbrella that she refused to let go of.

We got a few books and old game sets for my Year 7's to play with along with bunch of handmade Christmas decorations for our tree that arrives next week.

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